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Luiz Angelotti is an advertising professional specialized in the Development of Strategies and the implementation of programs for the licensing of trademarks and characters, with more than 35 years of experience in the field.It was for more than 10 years was Executive Director of the Brazilian Licensing Association (ABRAL - Associação Brasileira de Licenciamento), which envisions the moral and ethics in conducting the business in this segment.

Angelotti started his career in the licensing segment in 1979, in the MAURICIO DE SOUSA studios - a Brazilian icon and also the greatest Brazilian licensor, also known internationally in the field. The MAURICIO DE SOUSA studio is considered a "national licensing school", and many successful professionals started their careers there.

After 15 years (1979-1994) in the studios, Angelotti worked in the commercial/sales department of one of the most important licensing agencies at the time; CHARACTER/TOY TRADE, from 1994 until 1996, where the learned a great deal about the international licensing market, with names like Bernard Glazer (in memoriam) and Helen Fakhr, licensing properties such as Marvel, Sonic (Sega), King Features among many others.During 1997 and 1998, Luiz Angelotti acted as Marketing Director in one of the main video distributors in Brazil; MUNDIAL FILMES, where he was in charge of the development of the company's licensing department, called MUNDIAL LICENSING, representing characters such as Peter Rabbit and Babar, with a strong emphasis in the home video promotional area.In 1999, he was responsible to create DALICENÇA LICENCIAMENTO, a company that started with the SUSI Licensing program (Brazilian fashion doll, whose copyrights belongs to Brinquedos Estrela, which is the greatest manufacturer of toys in Brazil).

He also represented TOEI ANIMATION with the characters DIGIMON, DRAGON BALL Z AND SAINT SEYIA (Knights of the Zodiac), winning various awards, especially the Best Licensing Agent Award and the Best Licensed Company Award.

In 2002 he created a joint venture with IMAGINE ACTION Licensing Agency. With the trade name CREATIVE LICENSING BRASIL, the agency represented companies such as Toei Animation, Viz, King Features, Felix The Cat, NBA, Susi among others, being considered one of the best licensing agencies in Brazil, and being also internationally acknowledged.

In 2008, Luiz Angelotti created the company bearing his name, ANGELOTTI Licensing & Entertainment Business, with a modern structure that is totally adequate to the new global consumer market.

Faça parte desse sucesso!

Faça parte desse sucesso!